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   Lead Solution Co. Ltd.

Specific Commercial Transactions Law

Distributor name Lead Solution Co. Ltd.
Head office location 11-5 Oohashi, Matsudo Shi, Chiba Ken, Japan 270-2224
Telephone +81-47-312-8887
Fax +81-47-312-8886
HP address http://japan/lead_motors/
Other than the item price Bank transfer fee, various expenses accompanying registration, taxes, mandatory vehicle liability insurance, number charge stamp fee, recycling fee, other substitute expenses
How to order • Internet, • EMAIL, • Telephone, • FAX, • Shop
Sales volume 1 Unit
Delivery method Shop front delivery or home delivery
Delivery time Within 10 days from maintenance completion date
Payment method Bank transfer, cash, each company credit sales loan
Payment deadline Payment in full by car delivery (at the time of delivery)
Payee Please contact or visit to store.
Return / Exchange • Secondhand cars are not subject to cooling off.
• We recommend you confirm the car by yourself before contracting.
• Please note that cancellation after the execution in the case of using auto loan will be charged separately the loan company fee.
• We will respond to questions and inquiries in detail as much as possible. Also, please refer to the data image etc on HP and agree to a satisfactory contract.
Protection of personal information Your personal information is created, stored and transmitted securely in a variety of paper and electronic formats
Exceptions and notes such as the information price listed Regarding prices and information on web site, we will cancel the order in case of erroneous selling price due to artificial mistake.