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   Lead Solution Co. Ltd.

About Us

About Lead Solution Co. Ltd.
Lead Solution Co. Ltd is among Japan's pioneers in the used vehicle export industry. We established and started exporting across the globe since year 2000. Our unique selling concept and great customer service allowed us to expand our market, now we are exporting to over 60 countries, provide car rental services locally, and incorporated online business to our company.

We export major Japanese - vehicle brands such as Toyota, Suzuki, Hyundai, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Daihatsu, and Many more. Also limited stocks for American and European Vehicle brands.

Our Services

Cars for Sale and Export

Cars for Sale and Export

We are in the car export business from last 20 years. We provide best quality vehicles in low prices to give more benefits to our valued customers.
Car Rental Services

Car Rental Services

In the lead rental car, we have all kinds of vehicles that we can offer at low prices so that you can easily rent a car. The usage fee starts from 1 hour / ¥ 1,080.

Why Lead Motors?

Why Lead Motors
  1. Lead Motors is licensed, reliable & Trust Vehicle Exporter in Japan Since 2000.
  2. Member of JUMVEA, SLAEAJ, AFTC and Matsudo Chamber of Commerce.
  3. 100,000+ vehicles sold in for last 10 years.
  4. Help you quickly find the best cars from 120+ auction houses in Japan or directly from manufactures in Japan.
  5. Provide quality photos, video clips of vehicle and details help you to see the car before it is arrived to port.
  6. Experienced in shipping to every continent where port is available.

Our Support Model

We Know that we have the perfect cart you want, the quality you deserve and the trust that you expect, creating the car buying experience that you will love.

Lead Solution Co. Ltd.

11-5 Ohashi, Matsudo Shi, Chiba Ken, Japan, 270-2224
Office Address
11-5 Ohashi, Matsudo Shi, Chiba Ken, Japan 270-2224
English, Japanese, Sinhala

Member Of


JUMVEA aims to prevent such unfair transactions as those involving stolen vehicles and illegally rebuilt or remodeled vehicles, establish order in the export of used motor vehicles. Lead Solution Ltd is certified by the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporter Association as a motor vehicle Exporter in Japan.

JUMVEA Safe Trade

Use JUMVEA Safe Trade for 100% securiy of your payment. By using JUST you do not have to worry about losing your money. We are member of JUMVEA Safe Trade to make more trust among all our buyers.


The SLAAJ is a self motivated, non-profit making social Organization that is functioning while interacting with the Embassy of Sri Lankan in Japan. Lead Solution Ltd is also certified by Sri Lanka Automobile Association in Japan (SLAAJ).

JCT Premium Member (JCT) the most trusted Japan used vehicle portal that connects overseas buyers to Japan used vehicle exporters. We are premium member of JCT since many years.


ExportBureau widely regarded as one of the most respected export associations for manufacturer companies on the internet.

Matsudo Chamber of Commerce

We are trusted member of Matsudo Chamber of Commerce.

The Matsudo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

We are trusted member of The Matsudo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Japan import & export's standard code : P0012V94-0000
Secondhand Goods trader license: Auto car dealer
Chiba ken Public Safety Commission Permission number: 441070002305
Automobile Fair Trade Agreement members